Roundup of Stars!

Day 23 of zerotohero challenge asks us to do a “roundup” of some of our favorite blogs. I think I have already been doing that lately, but I am eagerly ready to share some links to posts that that I have enjoyed reading. Hopefully, you will check them out and you will like them as much as I do.

Now, who doesn't love a “good ol' boy” redneck? I certainly do! After all, the word reckneck makes me think of a tough ol' guy that is harsh, determined, narrow minded, and satirically funny. In fact, the title of this post gave me the creeps, causing me to enter very cautiously into his post's dark chamber door. (Seriously, who wants to read a story about DEATH, for heaven's sake?!)

(Redneck) Death Notice from Imagine. How funny can you make a story about running from the “Grim Reaper,” while shopping in Walmart? You will find out when you read this beloved writer's story. Please, check it out!

Just in case I messed up on the link:

Next, I would like to introduce to you (just in case you haven't already been), the wonderful writing of Vic Briggs. I picked this post in particular because I really liked it! Cliche's/Avoid Them Like the Plague! We all know that cliche's are overused expressions, which frankly, many of us are fond of (me, included).

Just in case I messed up on the link:

By the way, if you are a “Hogwartsians” you can send her a message by owl.

Some writers know how to make this world a better place simply by the way they wonderfully craft their words. I think Lisa is one of those. I chose this post, because it is one of the MANY posts she writes that I have loved.

For Not Everyone, is from the blog, “Hey Sparky! What Time Is It? Through her words, she weaves the truth of God's love for us and through His love He shines His precious grace upon us.

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If you haven't heard of the “Culture Monk”, check out his coffee cup wisdom of life in, Sometimes It's Not About What We Want…Really? Kenneth is on a one year journey to coffee houses throughout the world to share pictures, facts, and most of all, his wisdom with his readers. His insights and wise words are brilliant. In case I messed up on the link:

Next, I would like to introduce you to an excellent artist, writer, and photographer. Help! I Need a Caption is by the Forester Artist, who comes across a very strange sight in the middle of the woods.

His blog is filled with his awesome art, beautiful photographs and wonderful writing. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

Do you ever feel like you just want to complain and need someone to complain to? Well here is your answer! Introducing, “The Struggle Bus from the blog, Bens Bitter Blog. He has a wonderful way of making bitter better! Please, check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

A blog that puts into words into how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror, “The Mirror is Not My Friend from the blog, Tales of a Slightly Stressed Mother. She examines how she finds all of her blemishes and unperfect self when she looks in the mirror. Who doesn't have insecurities about their looks? (I certainly do!)

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Last, I would like to introduce, Feel Alive, Say Yes from the blog. This young writer is making an excellent path in his beginning journey of his blog, Werrrds. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do. I wish you much success in your blogging journey!



The Little Boy Molested

During a time I was having a lot of health issues, my physician confided in me, that he had been molested as a little boy. Prior to his confession, I had told him that my psychiatrists had told me that I must have been sexually abused as a child, but I don't remember ever being sexually molested.

This physician had been my doctor for over 13 years so I felt particularly close to him (as far as physicians go). And when he told me about his molestation as a child, I truly felt compassion for him as a little boy.

At that time I was going to a particular church which I had not been attending for very long, but after my doctor told me this, for some reason, I took that little boy into my heart and felt the emotional pain for him.

At church that next Sunday, I was still feeling this emotional pain and I was silently crying.

When the pastor asked that anyone in the congregation who needed prayer to come to the front of the church and kneel, I answered that call. My friend and I both went to the front of the church and we knelt down for the pastor to pray for us. My friend was first in the line, I was next and there were about 10 others after me.

The pastor stopped at my friend and prayed for her. Next, when it was to be my turn, he passed me by and went to the person to my left and prayed for him, and continued praying for all the people kneeling for prayer. However, for some reason, of which I do not know, he had chosen to not pray for me.

Did I believe that he felt that The Lord did not want him to pray for me? Absolutely not! I was asking for prayer for a little boy that had been sexually molested many many years before, and not for me.

I will never ever believe that Jesus Christ did not want him to pray over me, or more specifically, for this little boy.

My friend got upset but I asked her not to, because I did not want to cause a commotion.

This incident did not turn me against God or against Jesus Christ. It made me realize that this pastor was not connected to love and grace of Jesus Christ and that his prayers were nothing but show.

Of course, I left the church. Oddly though, many others left too and their reason to leave, I do not know. What I do know, is he was left with a very small congregation.

I personally prayed for this little boy, and the pain he must have felt (that I felt) was released from me.

Because some “godly” people work sometimes in “ungodly ways” does not mean that it is God's way.

Our Heavenly Father is loving, compassionate, and cares for us more than we will ever know while living on this earth. So please, do not let incidences such as this turn you against God. He will give you peace beyond your understanding, all you have to do is ask.

God works in mysterious ways. His ways are not our ways, and often are in ways in which we never expect. Leave yourself open to His Love and His Grace. And, may God bless you!


This Lost Lamb (A Christmas Message)

I hate to admit it, but I am that terrible, horrible, disgusting sinner, that Jesus Christ had to come to this earth for. I am that person that rebelled against my parents, rebelled against my marriage, and rebelled against God. However, this is what really gets to me the most, God, through Jesus Christ, left his celestial paradise and came to this horrid sin-filled earth BECAUSE HE LOVES ME! I was that lost lamb that he came to earth to find and bring back to him. He was not willing to lose me to the wolves and other prey of this world that were getting their hold on me.

When I was at my worst and at my darkest time, believing I was beyong saving, my blessed Savior was still there for me. NO TO THE HELL FOR ME! Jesus Christ would have none of that! He was there to rescue me out of those evil jaws!

Something knocked me in the head and I repented and opened my eyes; and my life has not been the same since. (Thank you Jesus! Thank you God!)

Thank you Lord, for leaving your heavenly home to find me and bring me back to your safe and loving arms. Thank you for your precious Grace. Thank you for coming to this earth to rescue me from my sins. I now know your voice and I do not want to be anywhere else, except in your celestial kingdom with you for all eternity.


(Photo borrowed from Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest).



As I am reading so many blogs on WordPress, it makes me realize just how passionate we all are. Some of you are very passionate about Writing, some of you are passionate about Jazz, some of you are passionate about Poetry, some of you are passionate about Crafts, some of you are passionate about Crocheting, some of you are passionate about painting, some are passionate about mental health, and some of you are passionate about God. No matter what your passions are, we all have something in common; we are all passionately creative. I love it! I love all the passionate people here on WordPress! As for me, I am passionate about drawing and writing. I love to draw and am always trying to improve. I love to write, (and am always trying to improve), but at this time, I am not trying to author a book. I want to wish each and every one of you the very best in your creative passion endeavors. I truly hope that all your dreams come true.