FFfAW: Gazebo Memories

Every day I walk to the park and sit on the bench that allows me to view the gazebo that holds so many fond memories for me.

I remember Billy, my very first boyfriend, kissing me at this gazebo on New Year's Eve that year and I swear I think my toes tingled.

My “husband to be” danced with me on this gazebo so many years ago and I thought we were dancing in heaven. We married six months after that dance.

Then there were all the picnics that my husband, children and I went on as we sat in the gazebo sharing our fried chicken and potato salad. Holding me close, we watched the children play on the park gym and laughed at silly jokes.

One day, my casket will be on this gazebo as my family tells me goodbye. There will be tears and beautiful music, a picnic lunch and family mingling with each other. But I won't be there.

I sigh heavily, and slowly walk back to my hospice bed. (173 words)

Photo credit Β©Dawn M. Miller

This is my 173 word submission for the Weekly Challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by PricelessJoy. We are given a photo and approximately 100-175 words with which to write a story with. It is fun, challenging, and addicting. If you would like to participate, please click on this link: FFfAW.

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72 thoughts on “FFfAW: Gazebo Memories

  1. This is sweet. I would have added one word. “Soon” One day, my casket will be on this gazebo…

  2. How sad but inevitable. Maybe the the narrator can find a happy way to look at her situation, instead of being depressed about it. There’s even better things ahead!

    • Ah yes, it is my flash fiction submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Lots of fun flash fiction to read if you click on the blue froggy button.

  3. A very bittersweet tale about the inevitability of that final curtain call. At least she created happy memories which are still treasured and can be continued by many after her.
    I enjoyed this story and it was very engaging too.

  4. Nice story…I like the way you moved toward the end and added what was to happen even after her passing. Sad, but very meaningful. The end of life as we know it, is always sad.

  5. It’s good that so many wonderful memories can be held in this place, even your final farewell you can plan to happen here as well…….sad but lovely…

  6. Bittersweet. I hope her family will spend time with her at the hospice. Is her husband still alive? If so, perhaps they can “dance” together one more time. Your story made me see the gazebo as a place, not just a space.
    Well done!

  7. Very sad but well written. Hope the family respects her request to be put in the gazibo for the last time.

  8. A lovely look at the role the gazebo played throughout her married life and the happiness she shared with her family. The prospect of her death is made all the more poignant by the fact that the gazebo will still play a part.

  9. Very beautiful story with so many great memories she made with loved ones. It’s sad to know that even after all those sweet moments she will end it with a sad note 😦

  10. Not many people are lucky enough to live in the same place for so many years and to have a central place holding so many memories. This piece pays tribute to that and to our immortality.
    I like the idea her remembering her life and happy times. I like fried chicken, too!


  11. That’s so lovely that she holds such fond memories of the gazebo and I’m glad she’s able to escape from the hospice and walk down to the park to see it.

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