When I Die

Let me get this straight, I am not looking forward to dying and I certainly don't want it to happen anytime soon. But… I do look forward to going to Heaven.

You see, I believe in the Afterlife. I believe that being on this earth is NOT where it ends for us. I believe that our loved ones are in Heaven and are waiting for us to return so we can all be a family again.

I believe we all began in heaven as angel spirits and our spirits were sent to this earth to be born from our “earthly parents.”

I believe we are all our Heavenly Father's children and therefore, we are all brothers and sisters and that Heaven is our Home.

I believe in a Forever that is so astonishingly beautiful, our earthly minds are incapable of imagining how beautiful.

I believe we will see colors that we have never seen before and they will be so beautiful that no words exist to describe them.

I believe we will live in a state of pure happiness, joy, and bliss; there will be no sorrow, no pain, or no tears. We will also be able to feel the pure Love of our Lord, Jesus Christ and of our Heavenly Father.

We will not have the aches and pains that we have on this earth. Our bodies will be young and beautiful again. We will also understand what our purpose was on this earth and we will understand things that we cannot understand as earthly humans.

I believe that my sweet niece, who took her life in October, is in Heaven, and that I will see her again; and I will see my cousin who died when she was 19, I will see my beloved grandmother, and I will see all my loved ones who have passed from this earthly life before me.

I didn't live a plenary life in my younger years. Yet, I know that I am forgiven, and I have been given the awesome Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know I am loved more than I ever thought possible. His Love has embraced me in His Grace and in His Mercy.

This is what I look forward to; Heaven. I don't look forward to the dying process. (As a matter of fact, it scares me). But I do believe when that time comes Jesus will be right there so that I no longer will be afraid.

Daily Prompt: Fast Forward (What do I look forward to?)




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