Monday’s Finish the Story 1/26/2015

She was unaware she was being watched as she was watching over her romping playful pups. Food was getting scarce and she needed to make a kill today for her hungry family.

The ranchers were outraged that wolves had been re-introduced into the Mancos Valley. They were a threat to their calves and were not willing to share.

Miska kept the calf in her site as she crouched down in preparation for the kill. As she began slinking toward the calf, she was careful not to be heard. Mangral, the oldest male, came bouncing toward her playfully. The calf heard him and ran to the safety of it’s mother.

The rancher dropped his gun.

Wolves are not the only predators in the valley.

Wolves have been introduced back into the wilds of the southwest United States. Ranchers were outraged and have killed most of them off. The last I have heard, the environmental groups were considering re-introducing them again. This particular conflict is kept fairly quiet in the news media.

This story was written for the challenge, “Finish the Story,” hosted by Barbara Beachem, author of the blog, Monday’s Finish the Story.

Our challenge is: using the photo prompt and the first sentence, “She was unaware she was being watched” write a story using 100 – 150 words. If you would like to join the fun and participate in this challenge, click here for more information:

Monday’s Finish the Story

(I think wolves are beautiful and have a story about “my baby wolf” I need to write someday).



33 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story 1/26/2015

  1. I love the way you told your story! Well thought out and a great ending! Thank you for participating this week Joy! Stay tuned for next Monday’s challenge! Be well! ^..^

  2. Lovely story Joy, and I do understand the battle that goes on between the ranchers and the wolves. I once had a friend who had a sheep farm and a few times each year the wild dogs would come and attack his lambs with devastating results.

    • Yes, it is a very difficult situation for sure. We also have a lot of sheep in the Southwest, so I should have included lambs/sheep along with the calves/cattle. I would think the only way to resolve this would be to continuously feed the wolves and in that case they would no longer be considered wild, so what’s the point?

  3. Great story, and from your additional information afterwards it almost sounds like the poor wolves are being used as pawns in a dispute between environmentalists and ranchers. Such a shame.

    • Yes, I agree to a huge extent. The environmental groups are determined to get their way in just about everything they do and they don’t care one flip about how it effects others.

  4. Good story Joy. It’s a shame wolves can’t be reintroduced without conflict. They’re a part of the natural scheme of things. It really has been kept quiet. You don’t hear anything these days about wolves. Of course, we don’t get as much U.S. news in India. Well done. — Suzanne.

    • I agree with you Suzanne. I too wish wolves could be introduced back into the wild without conflict. I think they are a beautiful and magnificent animal. I would think that US news would be hard to come by in India. (Certain news is even hard for citizens here to get). What a beautiful place to live though. (I have only seen it in pictures). Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂

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